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Content Standards

Content standards are new to Adult Basic Education in Minnesota, and you are in the right place to learn more! In MN ABE, we recognize the many skills our students need to transition to whatever is next for them – be it post-secondary studies, career training programs, job advancement, or deeper community involvement.


As seen in the visual above, the business of Adult Basic Education is helping students attain basic skills, professional/soft skills, and digital literacy skills in order to transition into whatever is next for them. This is the "what" of instruction in ABE. All of these skills are taught against a backdrop (here in blue) of content, the subject matter being taught. This backdrop might be life skills, if teachers are working with new arrivals to the US for example, or it may be occupational in nature, or focused on science or social studies if preparing students for GED or a secondary diploma. Content might also include civics, citizenship, or family literacy, depending on the program and context.

Content Standards in Minnesota ABE

Below you can view a short introductory video on content standards! This 8-minute video briefly summarizes the role of standards in education and outlines MN ABE's content standards specifically.

Content Standards Documents in Minnesota ABE

Three main documents guide the content of MN ABE classrooms, each focusing on an essential area of knowledge and skills our adult students need.

CCRS Implementation Team, FY16

How can I learn more?

For a list of all the available resources related to MN ABE content standards, check out the Content Standards Resources document under RELATED RESOURCES in the box on the right.
Get an introduction to the CCRS and 10-16 CEUs by taking a FREE online course, CCRS Foundations: An Introduction to the College & Career Readiness Standards for Adult Education! 

To access the course, take these simple steps:
1) Go to and Sign Up as an Instructor.
2) On the top blue bar, choose Courses, and then click My Courses on the right.
3) Click Join a Course and then enter the course access code FDF9M-R6WTR.

Please note: This course is open to anyone in any location, however CEUs (continuing education units) and facilitator feedback are only available to Minnesota ABE practitioners.

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