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STAR (STudent Achievement in Reading)

STAR is a project from the national Office of Career, Technical, and Adult Education (OCTAE) that provides training and support for teachers of intermediate reading students in effective, evidence-based practices in the four major components of adult reading instruction: alphabetics, fluency, vocabulary, and comprehension.

It is not a reading curriculum, but rather a reading reform initiative that includes professional development, tools, and resources that expand participants' knowledge of effective reading instruction. STAR improves their ability to build local and state systems that support reading improvement.

NEW!  To the right under RELATED RESOURCES you will find "A Report on the Minnesota STAR Project," an inspiring look at teacher, program and student outcomes from three years of MN STAR.

What does STAR participation involve?

Participation in STAR is done at the program level; individuals do not apply, but rather their programs do.

Teams (an administrator and several teachers) from participating ABE programs:

  • Attend four training institutes
  • Participate in technical assistance activities
  • Implement evidence-based reading instruction ideas from the trainings

What are the benefits?

Well — in short, STAR works. Just listen to STAR teachers talk about their experiences:

"I am so excited that my 'world of reading' has opened up as a STAR teacher! I am more able to diagnose a student’s particular weakness and then teach skills to improve it…WOW! I feel so empowered to help students in all areas of ABE with one necessary skill in life — READING!"
"A student entered STAR class announcing that she 'hated to read and had never read a book in her life.' Since being in STAR class, her TABE score has shot up and now she wants to be the first to read aloud. She is so proud to show her family that she is reading a real book at age 50."

How can my program participate?

STAR cohorts run every other year, beginning in odd-numbered years. The next STAR cohort will begin in fall 2017. Programs must apply as a whole; individuals are not eligible to apply. 

The STAR 20 Application is now available on the right under RELATED RESOURCES, along with STAR 20 Orientation PowerPoint slides that explain the following:

  • What is STAR?
  • What is EBRI?
  • Who are STAR Students?
  • Who are STAR Teachers?
  • STAR Goals and Timeline
  • STAR 20 Benefits
  • STAR 20 Application

Please direct any questions to Marn Frank, Literacy & STAR Coordinator for Minnesota.

Earn Graduate Credit

Earn 3 graduate credits through Hamline's School of Education just by participating in STAR! The coursework is comprised of your work in STAR, plus one short reflection piece at the end of the year. You will find the registration form and syllabus for the STAR graduate credit course (EDUC 6073) to the right under RELATED RESOURCES.

STAR Leadership

ATLAS partners with the Minnesota Department of Education (MDE) to coordinate and deliver this project in Minnesota. Marn Frank, STAR Coordinator and Hamline adjunct faculty, heads up the statewide STAR Leadership Team and supervises the Minnesota STAR trainers.

Marn also works with STAR participants throughout the project in multiple ways: hosting study circles, facilitating online learning for participants between training sessions, and providing follow-up with independent learning after training events.

ATLAS Director Patsy Egan participates with MDE and the STAR Coordinator in the State Leadership Team. The leadership team reviews training evaluations, plans follow-up support for participants, and develops plans for sustaining evidence-based reading instruction in Minnesota ABE.


Please contact the ATLAS Literacy & STAR Coordinator, Marn Frank.  

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