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Morpheme Matrices (2018)

This resource was developed for ABE/ESL teachers working with students who are ready to move beyond phonics and simple words. It focuses on morphological awareness: how morphemes such as prefixes, Latin roots, Greek forms, and suffixes combine or assemble to form multi-syllable words and sometimes change meaning, part of speech, or usage. It was recently expanded from 10 to 25 matrices, which can be taught sequentially (in high-frequency order), selectively and partially (as time allows), or as standalone lessons (when student attendance is irregular).

Morpheme Matrices

The following short PowerPoint slide show provides background and guidance for using Morpheme Matrices. It offers explanation of ten key decoding terms, examples of a Latin root and Greek form matrix, and explicit instruction for using morpheme matrices to assemble academic or scholarly words and families.

Using Morpheme Matrices PPT

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