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Newsela – Fluency

From the Newsela homepage, teachers can sign up for FREE and unlimited access to printable news articles, about the same topic but at 5 different lexile scores, and all aligned with CCRS reading anchors. For fluency instruction, reading teachers can: (1) introduce the topic to all students, (2) group them according to fluency instructional levels, (3) assign a matching, grade-level version for guided oral reading, and then (4) conclude with an all-class, comprehension check. The high-interest categories include: War & Peace, Science, Kids, Money, Law, Health, Arts, and Sports.

The newest grade equivalent (GE) to lexile range (L) correlation is: GE 2-3=450L-790L, GE 4-5=770L-980l, GE 6-8=955L-1155L, GE 9-10=1080L-1305L, GE 11-12=1215L-1355L.