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Radical Equations

Radical Equations: Civil Rights from Mississippi to the Algebra Project. Moses, Robert P. & Cobb, Charles E (2001). Available at many libraries, bookstores, through Amazon and Powell’s, etc. (ISBN-13: 978-0807031278)

Moses writes about the connection between math and science literacy and full citizenship/access to power.  The idea that math is a necessary tool for accessing full civil rights may be of interest to many ABE teachers.

From the publisher:

“At a time when popular solutions to the educational plight of poor children of color are imposed from the outside –— national standards, high-stakes tests, charismatic individual saviors –— the acclaimed Algebra Project and its founder, Robert Moses, offer a vision of school reform based in the power of communities.

Begun in 1982, the Algebra Project is transforming math education in twenty-five cities. Founded on the belief that math-science literacy is a prerequisite for full citizenship in society, the Project works with entire communities — parents, teachers, and especially students — to create a culture of literacy around algebra, a crucial stepping-stone to college math and opportunity.”

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