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AREA: Big Cheez-its & Multiplication and Rectangles

Two children discuss whether "Big Cheez-its" are really twice as big as regular Cheez-its. While the learners in this case are children, numeracy students of all ages could enjoy exploring area with a similar question.

One Formula to Rule Them All

Before you teach another formula for area of a 2-D shape, check out the "applets" on this page. Teachers who do not have access to internet in their classroom can learn from the animations and do a similar demonstration with paper.

Piles of Tiles (3-Act Lesson)

A 3-act lesson starts with a quick video or visual that makes students wonder. This one from Graham Fletcher (gfletchy) is set up to ponder the concept of area.

Uncovering Coherence Using Area Models

When is area more than area? In this recorded webinar, presenters Connie Rivera and Amy Vickers from the Adult Numeracy Network (ANN) explore coherent mathematical content that can be addressed using mathematical arrays.

College & Career Readiness (CCR) Math Standards

Looking for more specific information about the College & Career Readiness (CCR) Math Standards? Check out the CCRS Math Resources section of the CCR Standards resource library!