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Another Blog Post About Fraction Division

This blog post was created to help teachers understand a strategy for making division with fractions visual and meaningful for students.

Concept, Method, Procedure (The Secret Formula for Math Success)

Max Ray, of The Math Forum, explores developing procedures from conceptual understanding. His 5-minute video uses dividing by fractions as the topic for instruction.

Fraction Talk (and Pie)

Math teacher Chase Orton lays out the instruction he used, starting with pictures of pies, in order to get students to use benchmark fractions.

Math Antics: Types of Fractions

This video presents types of fractions (proper, improper, etc.) and addresses how students can use the structure of a fraction to make sense of where it belongs on the number line. The video points out that the relationship between the numerator and denominator is division.

Math Snacks: Fractions

Online activities and videos for supporting students' understanding of math concepts such as ratios, scale factors, fractions, number lines, and so on. Some activities may need additional language learning supports (i.e. for beginning English learners). Videos are also available in Spanish and in a printable "comic book" form.

Progressions: Illustrative Mathematics

Videos and tasks on math content progressions related to fractions in the Common Core standards.

Resources for Basic Fractions

Several resources for teaching standard 3.NF.1 (Fraction representation) through the Levels of Knowing.

College & Career Readiness (CCR) Math Standards

Looking for more specific information about the College & Career Readiness (CCR) Math Standards? Check out the CCRS Math Resources section of the CCR Standards resource library!