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Story by Story (2008)

Story by Story was developed for LDA Minnesota for Beginning ABE students needing (and wanting) systematic and contextual phonics instruction; however, it has been successfully used with many Beginning-Intermediate ESL students. It includes a model of explicit phonics instruction, an informal phonics assessment, 115 sequential and “adult-authentic” stories at approximate grade levels 0.5-2.5, forms for tracking story completion and spelling progress, and an oral fluency rubric.

Copies are available from LDA Minnesota in print ($25) or PDF ($15) formats.

In addition, there are 12 interactive, multi-media, online versions of Story by Story to use for FREE. They were developed by Charles and Pam LaRue and provide illustrated listening/fluency activities along with writing/typing exercises for short vowel and consonant digraph sound patterns. These can be accessed at http://www.mcedservices.com/phonics/phonics.html (NOTE: This interactive version of 12 Story by Story lessons requires Adobe Flash Player to hear the online recordings. This application may no longer be available on your device.)