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Diagnostic Reading Assessment

Assessment Strategies & Reading Profiles

Assessment Strategies & Reading Profiles (ASRP) "provides research-based assessment strategies to improve reading instruction for Adult Basic Education (ABE) and Adult Secondary Education (ASE) learners."


You can directly access the following free diagnostic assessments on the ASRP site:

  • Word Reading Test (WRT): tests automatic word recognition with grade-leveled word lists
  • Davidson-Bruce Word Meaning Test (WMT): tests expressive word knowledge with grade-leveled word lists
  • Sylvia Greene’s Informal Word Analysis Inventory: tests phonics or English sound-letter knowledge with sequential, one-syllable, word lists

Diagnostic Reading Assessment-Challenges & Possible Solutions

NEW! [updated July 2017] Common diagnostic reading assessment challenges and solutions developed by Minnesota STARs and Trainers.


Quick and Easy Adult Reading Assessments

Quick and Easy Adult Reading Assessments test oral fluency, or the ability to read text accurately and smoothly, with grade-leveled passages.


Stellar Diagnostic Reading Assessment Ideas

These “stellar” (meaning outstanding) ideas for diagnostic reading assessment scoring and recording were collected from participating MN STAR teachers during 2013-2015. Note: Some of the contributors’ original formatting was changed to fit this document.