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CCRS in the ABE Classroom: Literacy Level ESL

Are you a teacher who is wondering how to integrate the CCR Standards into your teaching? This lesson focuses on:

  • Shift 1: Complexity
  • Reading Anchor 1, Levels A and B
  • Reading Anchor 2, Level A
  • Speaking and Listening Anchor 2, Level A
  • Reading Foundations Anchors 1 and 2

During this lesson, learners demonstrate their ability to: 1) Ask and answer questions about key details in a text, 2) Ask and answer wh- questions to demonstrate understanding of a text, 3) Identify the main topic and retell key details of a text, 4) Confirm understanding of an oral text by asking and answering questions, and 5) Isolate the initial and final sounds of spoken words.

The accompanying discussion/reflection guide can be used in its entirety or is separated into meaningful chunks for shorter, more focused PD.

Use the video and guide:

  • as part of an all-staff meeting
  • in a PLC
  • with a colleague
  • individually