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CCRS in the ABE Classroom: Intermediate ESL

This lesson focuses on CCR standard Reading Anchor 1, Level C. The learners: 1) Identify and highlight evidence that supports their answers to text-dependent inference questions as evidenced by their responses to the questions and highlighting marks in the text, and 2) Accurately quote or paraphrase specific evidence from the text as evidenced by small group and whole class discussions.

CCRS in the ABE Classroom: Low Beginning ESL

This lesson focuses on CCR Standard Reading Anchor 1, Level A, Speaking and Listening Anchor 1 and 6, and Language Anchor 1. The learners: 1) Ask and answer questions about key details in a text, 2) Speak audibly, express thoughts clearly and succinctly, 3) Follow rules for discussions & responding to comments/questions in an exchange, and 4) Understand and use question words.

Observing Standards-in-Action: ELA Classroom Lesson

Bell-to-bell video of an ELA lesson focused on identifying a claim and evidence (52 minutes; ELA High-intermediate/low secondary ABE students).

Observing Standards-in-Action: ESL Classroom Lesson

Bell-to-bell video of ELA ESL lesson focused on the writing process and components of effective paragraphs (1 hour 2 minutes; Intermediate/advanced ESL students).