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CCRS Implementation Ongoing Training Suggestions for ABE Programs

Eager to do more with CCRS, but don't have a lot of time? The following are some ideas for ongoing CCRS training that can be done in less than an hour! Consider one of these for a staff meetings or PLC.

CCRS Individualized Instruction Planning Tool – for Programs

The CCRS Individualized Instruction Planning Tool is intended to help teachers in one-room school house or other individualized instruction settings plan and document standards-aligned experiences for all students. This document could be used as a teacher planning tool or as a tracking document in a student’s folder.

Program CCRS Implementation Plan – TEMPLATE

This blank template was designed to help program teams in the CCRS Implementation Cohort expand several key components of standards implementation beyond their cohort participants.

Sample Program Implementation Plan – Adult Options in Education

This sample implementation plan is from Adult Options in Education, a suburban program with multiple sites.

Sample Program Implementation Plan – AEOA

AEOA (Arrowhead Economic Opportunity Agency) serves ABE learners in several counties in northeast Minnesota. CCRS implementation in this area is unique, and this plan includes innovative responses to challenges related to the large geographic area and to the rural and part-time nature of this ABE context.

Sample Program Implementation Plan – Lyndale

This sample implementation plan is from Lyndale Neighborhood Association. Lyndale is a small, urban, community-based non-profit agency.

Sample Program Implementation Plan – Metro North

This sample implementation plan is from Metro North, Columbia Heights. Metro North is a large, suburban program, and Columbia Heights is a site within that larger consortium.

Sample Program Implementation Plan – Neighborhood House

Neighborhood House is a community-based organization in St. Paul that serves many non-native speakers of English. This plan includes ideas for CCRS implementation at a site in a very diverse, urban setting that uses many volunteers to support instruction.

Sample Program Implementation Plan – NWSC

This is a sample from Northwest Services Cooperative in Northwest Minnesota. NWSC covers a large rural area of the state with multiple sites.