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Navigating the CCRS Tools – ELA

This document provides an overview of the tools to support CCRS Implementation.

CCRS Individualized Instruction Planning Tool – ELA

The CCRS Individualized Instruction Planning Tool is intended to help teachers in one-room school house or other individualized instruction settings plan and document standards-aligned experiences for all students. This document could be used as a teacher planning tool or as a tracking document in a student’s folder.

ELA CCRS Evaluation & High Value Action Alignment Tool

Use this tool to determine a resource’s (curriculum, text, lesson, book, etc.) level of CCRS alignment and to identify specific high-value actions to improve a resource’s alignment to the CCRS. Use the embedded note sheet to record your thoughts.

ELA CCRS Instructional Task Study Tool

Use this tool to guide small group analysis of student tasks and accompanying student work to identify how effectively they reflect the intended standards.

ELA CCRS Observation Tool

Use this tool to guide observations of standards-based instruction in classroom settings.

ELA CCRS-Aligned Lesson/Unit Planning Template

Use this tool to create units or lessons aligned to the Minnesota ABE State Standards (CCRS, ACES, Northstar).

ELA CCRS-Aligned Qualitative Analysis Rubric

Use this tool to measure the complexity of any informational text (slightly, moderately, very, or exceedingly complex). This rubric is to be used in conjunction with the ELA CCRS-Aligned Unit & Lesson Planning Template also found in this section.

Suggested Question Stems & Frames for Close Reading

Use these CCRS reading question stems and frames to create text-dependent questions for use in close reading of texts. These stems and questions will also help prepare students for new NRS tests.