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The Times in Plain English

This website offers free “Plain English Version” articles about current world and national news or events. It is not affiliated with The New York Times, but the writers often use this renowned newspaper as a source of reliable information. All of the articles are edited by Arthur Schiff and grade-leveled according to Flesch-Kincaid. This readability formula is used because “it seems to work well and is readily available from Word” (http://www.thetimesinplainenglish.com/about-us/).

From the blue HOME tab, users can view excerpts from recent articles and corresponding photographs. Clicking on a title opens up the entire article for reading or printing. From the blue ARTICLE INDEX tab, users can browse past articles and Tips for Teachers, which provides text-dependent questions. There is a SEARCH feature, and past articles are also categorized by the topics: News, Money & Work, Health & Education, Immigration, Law, Politics, Of Interest, New York, World, and Features. This website was recommended by several members of the LINCS Reading and Writing Group.