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EBRI / STAR Resources

In this section, you will find primarily FREE Evidence-Based Reading Instruction (EBRI) resources organized into categories to the right. All have been reviewed by the ATLAS Literacy & STAR Coordinator for currency, alignment, accuracy, usability, and flexibility. Simply click on a category to access and browse the variety of resources.

For the four reading components (alphabetics, fluency, vocabulary and comprehension), the resources are ordered as follows:

  1. Background on research and teaching strategies
  2. Leveled teaching materials, mostly for Beginning-Intermediate-Advanced ABE/ESL students, although sometimes appropriate for Adult Secondary Education (ASE) or GED students

To learn even more about EBRI in Minnesota ABE, as well as its relationship to STAR (STudent Achievement in Reading), visit the EBRI page.

If you are having trouble finding what you are looking for, try using the SEARCH function in the box above.