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Additional Fluency Resources

These resources (found in the Comprehension section of this library) are also useful for Fluency instruction:

  • Britannica School Elementary offers non-fiction articles at Reading Levels 1-2 and related images, videos, maps, and learning games.
  • Center for Adult Literacy Text Library offers over 1600 “easier, medium, or harder” texts, on a range of topics, at grade levels 3.0-7.9
  • The Change Agent is a social justice newspaper that includes student-written articles (leveled according to readability), discussion topics, and lesson plans.
  • The Times in Plain English contains free, leveled “Plain English Version” articles about current world and national news or events.

These resources (found in the ESL library) are also useful for Fluency instruction:

  • ESL Literacy Readers offers 40 theme-based stories, a learner page, and a teacher’s guide with ideas for reading activities and extensions.