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Beginning Alphabetics Tests and Tools (BATT, 2015)

Beginning Alphabetics Tests and Tools (BATT) strives to provide a principled system for ABE/ESL teachers wanting to develop their students’ knowledge of Roman alphabet letters, English letter-sound patterns, sight or high frequency words, and transfer of those letter-sound-word skills to text fluency and comprehension. This 71-page resource includes: (1) teacher-friendly tests for determining known and unknown skills, (2) evidence-based reading instructional practices, orders, approaches, and five lesson plans* for teaching unknown skills, (3) teacher-tested lists of other activities and materials, and (4) time-saving teacher resources.

*Aligned with four Reading Standards: Foundational Skills (K–5) from the Minnesota Academic Standards (MDE, 2010) and Career and College Readiness Standards for Adult Education (OCTAE, 2013).

BATT was developed by Marn Frank, ATLAS Literacy & STAR Coordinator and Kristin Perry, Hmong American Partnership ESL teacher and ATLAS Consultant. It was also piloted by a group of MN ABE/ESL reading teachers, who contributed their insightful feedback, teacher-tested tools, and inspiring testimonials.

Beginning Alphabetics Tests & Tools (BATT)

Please contact Kristine Kelly at [email protected] with any questions about BATT content or resources.

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