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ProCon.org is a nonprofit and nonpartisan organization devoted, in part, to promoting critical thinking. They carry out this mission by providing research on more than 50 controversial issues that help students learn how to question information, evaluate opposing views, and debate important topics. There is no registration or fee required for using the website, and the topics can be viewed by category, such as education, science and technology and health and medicine, or alphabetically by topic.

The information for most of the controversial topics begins with a general overview that explains the core question; followed by some Did you know? facts about the topic; followed by a list of points divided by pro and con; and ends with a background reading. There is also a video gallery for some of the topics with videos that are labeled pro, con, or “not clearly pro or con.” Perhaps because ProCon.org has a large audience that extends beyond teachers and students, the reading level can be challenging. It is probably most appropriate for High Intermediate and Advanced ELL learners on up.