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Effective Communication

Effective communication is a two-way process between individuals of diverse backgrounds and experience in which information is conveyed and received in ways that are mutually understood as intended. This can include speaking, writing, and all forms of nonverbal communication.

Examples of activities in this category could include adjusting communication to suit various audiences, questioning to clarify meaning and to enhance understanding, or articulating differences and appreciating how differences can affect communication. Teaching the skills in this category will help the learner give and receive information in a purposeful, appropriate, and collaborative manner.

Sample Lessons – Effective Communication (EC)

These lessons were created using a newly designed TIF lesson plan template. They include ideas for incorporating important topics like DEI (Diversity/Equity/Inclusion) and SEL (Social Emotional Learning), as well as strategies for adapting the lessons to a variety of delivery models.

TIF-Lens Series: “Zoom In” on Effective Communication (EC)

TIF-Lens Webinars and Workshops provide hands-on practice using the A-C-E-S process to integrate TIF (Transitions Integration Framework) skills from the targeted category.

A Walk in My Shoes Documentary Series: First Generation College Students

This series of 5 short videos was created by Kansas State University College of Education. In each video, a first-generation college student shares their inspirational story. The videos are a great resource for bringing diverse voices and perspectives into the classroom, and they would make for wonderful conversation starters.


The Culips website houses over 400 audio episodes that can be used to teach "conversational English for everyday use." The searchable website makes it easy to find an episode that discusses themes related to a variety of common ESL topics, such as wellness, employment, and hobbies.

Film English

The Film English website is an expansive collection of video clips that can be used to teach a variety of effective communication skills by providing examples of gestures, body language, and other non-verbal communication that cannot easily be conveyed through sound alone. The searchable website also offers ESL lesson plans to accompany each video.