ACES Resources

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Sample Lessons – Effective Communication (EC)

Sample "Effective Communication" lessons for various learner levels, plus a classroom video and accompanying viewing guide.

TIF-Lens Series: “Zoom In” on Effective Communication (EC)

TIF-Lens Webinars and Workshops provide hands-on practice using the A-C-E-S process to integrate TIF (Transitions Integration Framework) skills from the targeted category.

21st Century Skills Resources

The 21st Century Skills Resources from New World of Work offer a soft skills curriculum complete with lesson plans, PowerPoint presentations, and two video series.


The Culips website houses over 400 audio episodes that can be used to teach "conversational English for everyday use." The searchable website makes it easy to find an episode that discusses themes related to a variety of common ESL topics, such as wellness, employment, and hobbies.

Film English

The Film English website is an expansive collection of video clips that can be used to teach a variety of effective communication skills by providing examples of gestures, body language, and other non-verbal communication that cannot easily be conveyed through sound alone. The searchable website also offers ESL lesson plans to accompany each video.