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Understanding the Rapid Spread of COVID-19 in Our Communities

This is part of a series of standards-aligned sample math activities that you can use with your students to make connections between their schoolwork (college and career) and the community. In all cases, you can use these activities as is, or you could modify to best fit the needs of your learners:

  • Convert activities into Schoology assignments, whether it is a multiple-choice quiz, short answer problems, or writing prompts.
  • Use these activities and prompts to facilitate a discussion on Zoom or other synchronous platform.
  • Add activities and link texts to your Google classroom site.
  • Create a Google Form with questions for students to access and submit to you.
  • Text students a picture of one of the graphs and ask students to respond with what they think the graph is trying to communicate.
  • Use some of these Suggested Question Stems & Frames to prepare students for future NRS assessments.

DOWNLOAD – Understanding the Rapid Spread of COVID19 in Our Communities