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Work Readiness Curriculum

The Work Readiness curriculum was developed at HAP English School, a program of Hmong American Partnership, in St. Paul, MN. It was designed for use with low-level adult ESL learners (CASAS range 153-210), specifically adults with interrupted formal education. It has a speaking/listening and vocabulary-building focus.

The curriculum consists of nine six-week units, each one focusing on one career cluster. All units include instruction on basic etiquette in formal settings, practice filling out job applications, practice reading simple job ads, job interview preparation, practice reporting problems at work, information about schedules and paychecks, as well as career-specific vocabulary. In addition, there are opportunities for students to get practical experience doing jobs within the classroom, such as making copies, greeting new students, and pushing in chairs.

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Unit 1 – Medical

Unit 2 – Construction

Unit 3 – Factory

Unit 4 – Community

Unit 5 – Childcare

Unit 6 – Art

Unit 7 – Food Service

Unit 8 – Retail

Unit 9 – Driving