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Pronunciation Webinar 1: Voice Quality Settings

Learn how Voice Quality Settings (VQS) impact accent and pronunciation. Discover ideas for integrating VQS instruction into your classroom instruction and daily routines at any level. Read More

An Introduction to the College and Career Readiness Standards for Adult Education

Webinar, recorded on 1/28/15 - Patsy Egan, Lia Conklin Olson, Astrid Liden, Kristine Kelly, Amber Delliger (members of the MN ABE CCRS Implementation Team) Read More

Integrated Education & Training: A Service Model for Adult Education Across the Spectrum

This one-hour archived webinar reviews the IET definition and guidance in WIOA regulations. It goes on to explore a few of the many adult education programs that have discovered the power of IET and, through a variety of partnerships, have implemented the IET strategy to serve people across the educational functioning level spectrum. Read More

Engaging Employers in Adult Career Pathways – Webinar Recording

Hear from Minnesota ABE professionals and their employer partners about ways they collaborate, their challenges and successes. Understand the role of Career and Technical Education advisory committees and how ABE can get involved and connect with those employers. Gain strategies for effective employer outreach in your own context. (2018) Read More

ABE-Workforce Partnerships for Adult Career Pathways Programming – Webinar Recording

Building relationships with WorkForce Center partners is crucial to successful adult career pathway programming. Hear about successes in the field from workforce and ABE professionals, and get what you need to take the next steps in your locality. Read More

What Does It Really Mean to Look for and Make Use of Structure?

Description: "We will work to clarify what MP7 looks like in K-5 classrooms by exploring generalizations about operating with odd and even numbers, examining both addends unknown problems, developing mathematical arguments, and creating representations to prove our claims. We will also analyze student thinking around these ideas with the use of classroom video." Read More

Uncovering Coherence Using Area Models

When is area more than area? In this recorded webinar, presenters Connie Rivera and Amy Vickers from the Adult Numeracy Network (ANN) explore coherent mathematical content that can be addressed using mathematical arrays. Read More

Season 2, Episode 2: Data, Box & Whisker Plots, Graphs of Central Tendency

Presented by Amy Vickers (MNI Senior Consultant) and Andy Albee (Robbinsdale Adult Academic Program) Read More

Season 2, Episode 3: Ratios, Rates, Proportions, and Scale Factor

Presented by Andy Albee (Robbinsdale Adult Academic Program) and Amy Vickers (MNI Senior Consultant) Read More

Season 2, Episode 4: Complex Geometry with New Formula Sheet

Presented by Abby Roza (Adult Options in Education/Hennepin County Corrections), Kristin Knudson, and Amy Vickers (MNI Senior Consultant) Read More