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High-Quality Evidence Training (Adult Diploma 101, Part 2)

View the recording of the High-Quality Evidence Training (Adult Diploma 101, Part 2) held on October 7, 2022, and access the folder containing all training materials. Read More

Adult Diploma 101 Training

View the recording of the Adult Diploma 101 Training held on September 16, 2022, and access the folder containing all training materials. Read More

Translanguaging as an Antiracist Practice

In this recorded webinar, Minnesota adult English teacher Cydnee Sanders and Hamline University Professor Betsy Parrish define translanguaging and give tangible examples teachers can try in their classrooms. There are examples of vocabulary, reading and writing activities, plus some other things to consider in your classroom such as what to do if there is only one speaker of a language. Read More

Benefits of Language and Accent Diversity Among ABE Teachers and Volunteers

Minnesota Adult Education community members Justyna Sparrow and Andrea Echelberger bring us a session on the numerous benefits of having teachers and volunteers who did not grow up with English as a home language. They also discuss how we can support, advocate and retain teachers with diverse languages and accents which is so important in progressing equity within our schools. Read More

Designing IET Programs: The Single Set of Learning Objectives

This webinar explores approaches and strategies for the planning integrated education and training programs. It focuses on an overview of the IET design process and creating standards-based IET curricula with a Single Set of Learning Objectives (SSLO). Guest presenters KayLynn Hamilton, M.Ed. and Blaire Willson Toso, Ph.D. guide us through the process of creating SSLOs for your IET. Read More

IET Webinars – MN Adult Education

This playlist on the MN Adult Education YouTube channel houses a variety of webinars related to Integrated Education & Training (IET). Read More

My SSLO Story

SSLOs - that irksome but oh-so-important Single Set of Learning Objectives - emerge in programs in their own way! Join us to hear about various programs' SSLO journeys, and how they finally landed on SSLOs worthy of the great teaching and learning happening at their sites. Panelists include ABE colleagues from Moose Lake DOC, Sauk Rapids (Hillside Adult Education), and the International Institute. Read More

Planning for Your IET Roadtrip: Real Talk about SSLOs

Ever driven with your family across the country? Did you have that “Ok, here’s how it’s gonna be, kids…” pre-road trip family meeting? In this session, we apply the same principle to planning for an IET. Join us as we get real about the perceived ‘roadblock’ of SSLOs (single set of learning objectives). Those pesky SSLOs may actually be the thing that makes your IET destination possible and the journey more pleasant, for everyone! Read More

ABE Foundations at a Distance: Webinar Recordings

The ABE Foundations at a Distance webinar series was created to complement the ABE Foundations online course, giving participants a more supported and cohort-like experience. These webinars are archived in the YouTube playlist linked here. Read More

Collaboration in ACPs: Co-teaching for Student Success!

Wondering about ways to collaborate and improve co-teaching with Adult Career Pathways (ACP)? Hear from MDE staff and ACP leaders around the state on this important topic. This recorded webinar provides current examples of successful ACP collaborative efforts big and small, as well as tools and resources to help move your ACP work forward. Read More