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Borrowing/Carrying –> Regrouping

Participants in this workout learn to teach strategies that support conceptual understanding of place value instead of the algorithm. Read More

Building Conceptual Understanding

Participants in this workout consider the conceptual understanding behind the traditional algorithm for long division and then recognize the importance of building students’ conceptual understanding beyond this example of long division and into every area of math. Read More

What Does It Really Mean to Look for and Make Use of Structure?

Description: "We will work to clarify what MP7 looks like in K-5 classrooms by exploring generalizations about operating with odd and even numbers, examining both addends unknown problems, developing mathematical arguments, and creating representations to prove our claims. We will also analyze student thinking around these ideas with the use of classroom video." Read More

Math Antics: Types of Fractions

This video presents types of fractions (proper, improper, etc.) and addresses how students can use the structure of a fraction to make sense of where it belongs on the number line. The video points out that the relationship between the numerator and denominator is division. Read More

Fast Growing Plant

An activity where students must determine how tall the plant was x time ago if it is a certain height now and how fast it will grow. Read More

Ever Wonder What They’d Notice?

Asking the right questions and making space for student thinking can change outcomes for students. What can we do as teachers to faciliate their critical thinking and engagement? In this 5-minute Ignite talk, Annie Fetter addresses giving students space to notice and wonder. Read More

CCRS Mathematical Practice 7 – Webcast

This webcast highlights Mathematical Practice 7 - Make use of structure. It is one of a series of 8 webcasts, the purpose of which is to give adult educators a better sense of each of the 8 Mathematical Practices of the CCRS and to suggest ways to encourage the Practices with their students. Read More