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Reading Skills for Healthcare Workers

Career exploration is an essential part of developing a future pathway. Adult learners need to be able to explore a variety of career fields, as well as their own interests, skills and strengths, in order know which path might be right for them. The Reading Skills for Healthcare Workers website is an excellent resource that can be used to help learners explore one very in demand career field: health care.

This resource was developed here in MN by Southwest Adult Basic Education. The website contains 175 readings to choose from, and the selections that are currently available are intended for intermediate-level readers between 5.5 and 8.5 grade level. All of the selections come with pre-reading questions, target vocabulary, a text dependent question set, and two prompts for writing practice. The questions and writing can be done either online using Adobe Reader or printed out as PDF documents. Each story also has audio recorded at three speeds to help support fluency development.

The selections on the website were all written by experienced teachers, and they would provide high-quality content for a pre-CNA or CNA class, an ESL class covering a unit on health, or a more general career exploration class with a unit on the health care field.