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Ballotpedia is a free, comprehensive digital resource that provides unbiased information on elections, voting, politics, and public policies. Users can see a sample ballot based on their address, along with reviewing content related to the cuurent year's federal, state, and local elections and ballot measures. In addition to election and voting information, the site provides background on the current presidential administration and also statistics, snapshots, maps, and other details about the three branches of the federal government, state and municipal governments, and even information about local school boards in large U.S. cities. Read More


Developed by the League of Women Voters Education Fund, Vote411 provides users with all types of nonpartisan election related information for national and state/local specific races and ballot questions. Users can simply click on their their state and get up to date information about upcoming elections. Moreover, users can access a polling place locator where they can type in their home address find their exact voting location. In addition to these options, users can retrieve information about early voting procedures, ID requirements, and tips on how to watch debates with a critical eye. Read More

PBS Learning Media for Social Studies

PBS Learning Media includes an extensive collection of free, leveled teacher resources for all subject areas. The lessons represent diverse perspectives, are aligned to national and state standards, and are designed to supplement classroom instruction by incorporating video segments and interactive resources. Users can filter by grade level and/or by the many resource types such as lesson plans, interactive lessons, or just video. In addition, many lessons highlight current events and can be shared to Google Classroom or directly shared with students. Read More

Reading Skills Stories

This section of the Literacy Centre of Expertise website offers both interactive (with audio) and downloadable (PDF) student and teacher materials. There are phonics stories, "Interactive Foundational Stories" (dealing with oral language, vocabulary and comprehension), and stories dealing with word families and sight words, all written for adult language learners. Read More

Voices for Suffrage

Voices for Suffrage is a free, interactive resource that tells the story of women's suffrage from the Seneca Falls Convention to the passage of the Nineteenth Amendment in 1920. The resource is computer/tablet-based on can be projected as a whole class activity or worked on individually or in small groups. Students interact with primary documents, videos and other sources to explore the suffrage movement, nationally and by state, through time lines and guided tours. Students can also become part of the suffrage movement by determining what they would do in certain situations. Other supplemental resources are available to make this resource easy to adapt. Read More

Grammar Monster

Completely free website with mini grammar lessons based on common mistakes, vocabulary building activities for ESL students, idioms, punctuation, and more. Each lesson contains an explanation, examples, and a short quiz. There are many interactive online activities for the vocabulary portion of the website. Read More

Arlington Education and Employment Program

This site has extensive resources for teachers and learners, including a full life skills-based curriculum, interactive story links for beginners, and collections of links on a variety of topics including typing, pronunciation, and citizenship. Read More

Randall’s ESL Cyber Listening Lab: Vocabulary Quizzes

Find 1-3 minute intermediate level listening tracks with a variety of activities for learners to test their understanding, including multiple choice questions, gap-fill exercises, and sentence and vocabulary matching. Read More

Listen in English

On this website, find short clips of TV shows, movies, news, and academic stories accompanied by vocabulary building activities and listening comprehension questions from beginning to advanced levels. Learners and teachers can make free accounts in order to access expanded discussion activities. Read More

Clear English Corner with Keenyn Rhodes – for learners

This channel is dedicated to helping learners speak American English with clarity and confidence. Video resources are uploaded weekly. This channel is a great resources for learners, and can also be used by teachers as supplemental resources for class, and can help teachers gain a greater understanding of English pronunciation. Read More