Recent Newsletter Articles

365 Days of Writing Prompts

This collection of writing prompts developed by WordPress (2013) was created to get students to write each and every day. It begins with January 1 and proceeds with daily writing questions or statements for every day of the year through December 31. Read More

Taking Care of Yourself: A Checklist

This checklist outlines the three basic aspects of self-care – awareness, balance, and connection – and offers a list of ideas for self-care strategies to use after a difficult event. As the resource indicates, "There are several ways you can find balance, be aware of your needs, and make connections. Use this list to help you decide which self-care strategies will work for you." Read More

Teaching Tolorance

According to their website, "Teaching Tolerance provides free resources to educators—teachers, administrators, counselors and other practitioners—who work with children from kindergarten through high school. Their program program emphasizes social justice and anti-bias. Teachers can search by resource type (lesson plan, student text, teaching strategies, etc.), grade level, subject (ESL, Civics, Language Arts, etc.), and topic (race & ethnicity, gender & sexual identity, class, etc.)." Read More

ESL Literacy Readers (Bow Valley Readers)

This collection of 40 theme-based readers features adult ESL learners engaging in everyday work and life activities. The learner page provides ESL students with access to seven levels of stories written specifically for adults. Each story focuses on a different learner and has an accompanying listening track so learners can listen as well as read the story. Read More

Rachel’s English

This YouTube channel contains hundreds of videos unpacking the sounds and rhythms of the English language, as well as videos exploring idioms, vocabulary, and recommendations for strengthening listening and learning skills. Read More

ELA Activities from March 31 newsletter article

For your convenience, the ELA activities from the March 31 newsletter article "The 3rd 'C' in CCRS - Focusing on Community Right Now" can be accessed here. Read More


Skillblox is a tool created by CrowdED Learning in response to the question “What if instead of searching various books and sites for quality content, they were all organized in one place?” This database of content streamlines the process of creating targeted and individualized learning plans (online packets, if you will) for adult education students. It is searchable by CCR standards, and soon TABE 11/12 competencies. Read More

This resource contains digital textbooks, interactive exercises, simulations, and more – all openly licensed. Most of their content is for math, science, and social studies, but there is some for English (writing & spelling) as well. They have very good training and support, including a whole series of recorded webinars available on their site. (Just open the “Explore” tab and choose “Webinars.”) Read More

Vocabulary Lessons as Google Docs with Quizlet

CrowdEd and Appalachian State University (ASU) have collaborated to make the original Vocabulary Lessons, which are now stored in a shared Google Drive as Google Docs. You can easily copy them over to your Google Classroom Drive and assign academic vocabulary lessons or activities directly to students. There's also now a direct Quizlet link so students can easily access additional interactive activities for each academic vocabulary lesson. Read More


Trello is an app used for collaboration and project management, allowing users to create virtual boards to manage their workflow, and then customize those boards by adding lists and cards. Users can also attach files, checklists, and comments to the cards, as well as sharing their boards. A student working on her Adult Diploma, for example, could create a board and share it with her teachers in order to get virtual feedback and support. Read More