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Justice in June

For those who want to become active anti-racist allies, this list is full of dynamic readings (longer and shorter), podcasts, and various conversations particularly geared toward this goal at this moment. This resource was created for the purpose of providing a starting place for individuals trying to become better allies. Read More

Zinn Education Project

The Zinn Education Project is a vast resource collection that contains a variety of materials for teaching history through a social justice lens. The resources include, among other things, posters, audio clips, film clips, songs and poems, and PDF copies of teaching materials. They are perfect for building the Critical Thinking skill of learning to recognize bias, assumptions and multiple perspectives. Read More

Minnesota Association of Workforce Boards (MAWB) Website

MAWB represents the cooperative efforts of 16 area workforce development boards across the state. The MAWB website is the go-to online source for regional and local workforce development board plans, WIOA resources, the Governor’s workforce development board, and much more. Read More – ELA

This site hosts resources in all content areas, including English Language Arts. Some of the materials are taken from K-12, but they are all framed and explored in the context of adult education classrooms. The site is divided into four main parts: 1. Resource Reviews Find free, quality teaching resources… Read More


Skillblox is a tool created by CrowdED Learning in response to the question “What if instead of searching various books and sites for quality content, they were all organized in one place?” This database of content streamlines the process of creating targeted and individualized learning plans (online packets, if you will) for adult education students. It is searchable by CCR standards, and soon TABE 11/12 competencies. Read More

This resource contains digital textbooks, interactive exercises, simulations, and more – all openly licensed. Most of their content is for math, science, and social studies, but there is some for English (writing & spelling) as well. They have very good training and support, including a whole series of recorded webinars available on their site. (Just open the “Explore” tab and choose “Webinars.”) Read More

IET-Related Professional Development Video Resources

Nine videos that provide useful guidance in the design and delivery of integrated education and training from the California Adult Literacy Professional Development Project (CALPRO). Read More

ACES Resource Library: Critical Thinking

The Critical Thinking page from the ACES resource library contains a wide variety of resources to support teachers looking to incorporate the Transitions Integration Framework (TIF) skills into their classroom instruction. Read More

Citizenship Resources

This collection of resources on the ATLAS website provides many resources on teaching citizenship that are relevant to teachers of adult English learners. Read More

Workforce Atlas

Not a course, but a resource that can be used in any career pathways course/program.  Resources include videos, worksheets, templates, and career-specific guides and infographics.  An Implementation Guide is provided for instructors/program staff for effective utilization of the website. || AUTHOR: ProLiteracy and Pearson Read More