5 Sites for Reading & Language Online Instruction

5 Sites for Reading & Language Online Instruction

Looking for ready made activities to use for online instruction? Here are 5 free sites that can be used online or in person to build Reading and Language skills.



Daily ESL offers short audio recordings and related questions to use for listening comprehension. Printed text of the recording is also available for reading fluency and/or comprehension practice.

English Club


English Club contains a variety of reading, language and writing activities. Display a quiz or mobile friendly games as an opening warm up. Note: Preview each activity before use as some items contain British English spelling.

Ereading Worksheets


Ereading worksheets supplies an extensive source of reading, writing, and language activities aligned to the Common Core/CCRS. Activities are available in print and electronic formats. Electronic worksheets provide immediate feedback and can be used as a whole class review, small group practice, or individual assignment. Consider idioms or figurative language for sentence level warmups. Utilize text structure activities or online practice reading tests for small group work. Browse through the list of short stories for fluency and comprehension text.

Reading Skills for Today’s Adults


This “Made in Minnesota” site offers leveled readings written specifically for adult learners. A recent redesign increased ease in navigating the site. Use in class for echo reading and collaborative oral reading lessons. Timed readings at three speeds are ideal for repeated reading fluency practice. The Pre-Reading and Post-Reading questions guide general meaning or use text for instruction in a comprehension strategy. See the newsletter article SW ABE’s “Reading Skills for Today’s Adults”Just Keeps Getting Better for additional information.



ReadWorks is a K-12 resource that offers many things relevant to adult readers. This site offers Reading Passages, Article a Day, and Paired Readings. The search engine allows you to choose grade equivalent, lexile level, topic, question type, and text type. Many selections include audio recordings. Use text for fluency and comprehension practice with the entire class or as a breakout room assignment.

Originally published 10/19/20

Penny Brown, ABE Teacher SouthWest Metro ABE