It’s Time for Spring Training!

It’s Time for Spring Training!

The temperatures are warming up and the snow is melting. Spring is just around the corner (we hope!), so it must be time for spring training! The assessment training team has a couple of CASAS trainings scheduled to help your staff update their training.

What Are the Assessment Training Guidelines?

According to MN ABE Assessment Policy, staff should not administer assessments until they have participated in assessment training. Additionally, once trained, all staff administering assessments should be recertified every five (5) years. (Minnesota ABE Policies)

How Can We Get This Training?

Again, according to MN ABE Assessment Policy, training must be provided by our state ABE assessment trainers (Minnesota ABE Assessment website) OR online via the publishers’ websites (CASAS or TABE). Whichever avenue is chosen, staff should report their training to their administrator so that a permanent record of training can be maintained.

Will We Learn More About the New STEPS and Math GOALS 2 Series?

Both of the upcoming trainings will include introductory information about the STEPS series and the Math GOALS 2 series. Participants will receive helpful information as they prepare to implement these newly approved tests.

Tell Me About the Upcoming Spring Trainings!

Below is the pertinent information about the scheduled trainings. The CASAS Implementation Training will be held in person at Literacy Minnesota. This training is designed for new staff who have never been trained to administer the tests. Seasoned staff may attend, but should understand the focus of the training will be newer users. Space may be limited, so if you are interested in attending, contact Linda Keller for further location information and to register.

The CASAS Recertification Training will be held virtually, and interested participants should click on the registration link to get registered. This training is designed for staff that have previously been trained and need to complete their required “every five years” recertification.

CASAS Implementation Training (in-person)

Friday, February 16, 1-4 pm

Literacy Minnesota, St. Paul, MN

Contact for information and registration: Linda Keller | [email protected]

CASAS Recertification (virtual)

Monday, March 18, 2-3 pm

Registration link:

Contact for information: Marty Olsen | [email protected]


Spring training has begun! Join us to update your training. If you have interest in a TABE Implementation training or a TABE Recertification training, please contact Marty Olsen ([email protected]) with your needs so that we can get something scheduled.

Marty Olsen, Assessment Trainer SW ABE