Journeys Anthology 2023: Call for Submissions!

Journeys Anthology 2023: Call for Submissions!

“To be able to tell my story means a lot. It means learning. It means a lot of people are going to learn from my story and I am learning from other people’s stories.”

That’s what one ABE learner has to say about publishing his story in Journeys, the anthology of adult student writing published annually by Literacy Minnesota.


This fall, we invite your learners to share their voices and submit their original stories and art for publication in the 2023 edition of Journeys. Friday, December 2, 2022 is the deadline for this year’s submissions.

The Journeys submissions webform is now open and entries are being accepted throughout the fall. We encourage you to work with your learners this fall on their Journeys writing submissions and help them complete their entries no later than December 2. The new book will be available in the spring or summer of 2023.

Journeys curriculum

Did you know that the Journeys curriculum unit includes ideas for both in-person and remote classrooms? Each lesson includes suggested activity modifications for the virtual classroom (all using the Zoom platform). Read on for more details! The Journeys curriculum is included in each book (also available for purchase as a PDF).

  • Journeys curriculum unit includes remote classroom ideas!
    In 2020, we updated our Journeys curriculum unit to include activity modifications for the remote classroom. Did you know that Journeys contains an accompanying curriculum unit geared toward high-intermediate to advanced ESL learners? The learning objectives contained in the curriculum are aligned with the College and Career Readiness Standards (CCRS) and the Transitions Integrations Framework (TIF). Unit highlights:

    • Aligned with CCRS and TIF standards
    • Includes activity modifications for remote instruction
    • Written for High Intermediate to Advanced ESL learners (CASAS scores 211-235)
    • Eight cumulative lesson plans, each ~1 to 1.5 hours long
    • Includes ready-to-use activities
    • Intended to be adapted to your unique classroom settings—whether in person or virtual!

Purchase Journeys 2022 in print ($14, or $11 when you order 5+ copies) or as a PDF ($11).

  • Continuing this year: Letters about Literature
    We invite your learners to submit a written piece on a special theme, called Letters about Literature. It is an opportunity for learners to select and read a piece of literature, reflect on it, and write a personal letter to the author explaining how it changed their views of the world and/or themselves. Journeys submissions with this theme will be highlighted in a special chapter of the anthology.

Submit your learners’ work!

  1. Review the Journeys 2023 Submission Guidelines
  2. Consider participating in this year’s special theme, “Letters about Literature”
  3. Prepare to submit: view the Preview of Submission Fields
  4. Submit stories using the Journeys 2023 Submission Webform
  5. A confirmation email for each submission will be sent to the teacher or coordinator’s email. Please review each confirmation for accuracy.

Questions? Contact Kelly at [email protected], or 651-251-9074.

About Journeys

In its 34th year, Journeys showcases short written pieces by Adult Basic Education learners from every corner of Minnesota. Journeys is a book of stories. Within its pages, you’ll find memories, poems, art, tall tales and everything in between. These stories share the journeys and perspectives of adult literacy students enrolled in reading, English as a Second Language, GED, and basic skills classes across the state of Minnesota.

Originally published 8/29/22

Kelly Rynda, Salesforce and Training Support Specialist Literacy Minnesota