Summer Institute 2018 Poster Sessions Needed

Summer Institute 2018 Poster Sessions Needed

Summer Institute is all about sharing and learning from your colleagues. Help make the event a success by presenting a poster session!

It doesn’t need to be fancy.

  1.  Make a poster highlighting a program innovation, new teaching routine, exciting classroom activity, etc.
  2. Create a handout that people can take with them. During the poster session (1:15-2:00 pm on Thursday, August 16)
  3. Stand by your poster, meet with your peers and answer questions. It’s like a science fair for ABE teachers!

Looking for ideas? Here are some of the topics from last year’s event:

  • Introduction to Evidence
  • Using Webquests to Engage Students in Learning.
  • Adult Career Pathways Curriculum Resource Library
  • How Lake Superior College and ISD 709 Adult Education Have Partnered within Integrated Instruction and Adult Education Courses on Campus
  • I Am An Immigrant
  • Unmasking Our Challenges and Successes: Through Art and Writing, ABE Students Share their Challenges and Celebrate their Achievements
  • Internships: Cultural Orientation to Advancement in the American Workplace
  • Keep Calm * De-stress * and Learn!
  • ABE and Out of School Youth: A Growing Partnership
  • Making Words Stick: Activities for Vocabulary Retention
  • Literacy Work Station Materials for the Minnesota Literacy Council’s Pre-Beginning Stories
  • Learning thru Sharing Program: A Win-Win for Students and Communities
  • A Tool To Get Students Asking Questions and Reading Closely
  • Stretching into CCRS Alignment: Incorporating the ELA Shifts from a Practitioner’s Perspective
  • Lesson Remodel! Building the Three CCRS ELA Shifts into your Classroom Lessons and Practices
  • A New Take on Taking Notes: An Interactive Lesson to Teach Beginning Note-taking Skills.
  • The Importance of Digital Literacy in Pre-Literate and Beginning EL Classrooms
  • Using the Clementine to Enhance Observation Skills and Empathy for Volunteers
  • Women’s Wealth and Health Equity
  • Resources for Supporting ESL Teachers and Volunteers
  • Math CCRS in Action – Adding Integers

What great idea do YOU have to share?

Deadline for Poster Session proposals is May 31.

Poster session Call for Proposals form >>


If you have questions or want more information, email Rob Podlasek at [email protected].

Rob Podlasek, Training Director Minnesota Literacy Council / Summer Institute Planning Committee