Write On!

ATLAS’s Writing Instruction online resource library was recently reorganized to reflect the language of MN ABE instructors.

According to your reported challenges from the 2016 MN ABE Practitioner Survey, many of you want or need resources on practical grammar, basic or everyday writing, extended response or prompt writing, essay writing, ESL writing, evidence-based writing, argumentative writing, and spelling (listed by frequency of response). Based on this survey data, review of several national writing reports, and consultation with the Language and Literacy Advisory Team (LLATé), seven new writing categories and descriptions were developed.

  1. Professional Development: national reports, research reviews, or websites that inform best practices for ‘learning to write’ and ‘writing to learn’
  2. Mechanics: resources for teaching how to form Roman alphabet letters, spell, capitalize, and punctuate (writing features that do not exist in oral language)
  3. Grammar: resources for teaching how English words are formed (morphology) and combined (syntax) into phrases, clauses, and sentences
  4. Sentence and Paragraph Writing: resources for teaching how to write simple/compound/complex/compound-complex sentences, combine words/phrases/clauses/short sentences, and compose cohesive paragraphs
  5. Essay Writing: resources for teaching how to write informative (topics and supporting evidence), narrative (real or imagined experiences or events), and argumentative (opinions and supporting evidence) essays
  6. Workplace Writing: resources for teaching how to write effectively in workplace contexts (cover letters, resumes, emails, memos, etc.)
  7. Reading-Writing Connections: teacher-student activities that combine, connect, and enhance interrelated reading/writing skills (together known as literacy)

All existing writing resources were moved to the appropriate category and new ones were added (see current list below). My goal is to add at least one new resource a month – mostly FREE to access, download, and print. Check out the new Writing Instruction reorganization and resources on the ATLAS website, atlasABE.org, under Resources.

I wholeheartedly welcome your writing resource recommendations! Email them to Marn at [email protected].

Marn Frank, Literacy & STAR Coordinator ATLAS