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CollectEdNY.org – Math

This site hosts resources in all content areas, including math/numeracy. Some of the materials are taken from K-12, but they are all framed and explored in the context of adult education classrooms. The site is divided into four main parts:

1. Resource Reviews

Find free, quality teaching resources vetted and reviewed by adult education instructors, for adult education instructors. Post comments, share experiences and ask questions and engage with adult educators across the state and country. These resources are searchable by content area.

2. Framework Posts

Teachers can download the CUNY HSE Curriculum Framework for teaching math, science and social studies (integrated with reading and writing). Framework Posts were created to continue to build on the work of the Framework which was finished in 2015. It is used to curate/share lessons, problems, activities, and readings organized by HSE subjects, domains and subdomains. Framework Posts also has links to the CUNY math packets and a new developing collection of distance learning lessons.

3. Math Memos

Adult educators share non-routine math problems, samples of student work, and practical suggestions for bringing the problems to life in your classroom.

4. Career Pathway Posts

Find highlights, selected activities and supplementary materials for the NYSED/CUNY CareerKits. Download all of the toolkits, including Career Fundamentals.