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Minnesota Career Information System (MCIS)

A new version of the Minnesota Career Information System (MCIS) has been developed for use with Adult Education learners. This ABE version has a lower reading level (5th grade), and it contains the tools and resources that would be most helpful for adult users. These tools and resources include a variety of skill and interest assessments, detailed information on over 500 careers, a resume creator tool, and tips for conducting a successful job search. MCIS is not a free resource, but annual site licenses are very affordable and based on student enrollment numbers. MCIS is a very powerful and useful tool for programs doing Adult Diploma and for anyone wanting to build career awareness with adult learners. It aligns very well with the Developing a Future Pathway section of the TIF (Transitions Integration Framework).

MCIS Fees & Information for ABE

ACES & MCIS: Creating a Brighter Future Pathway (PowerPoint from Fall 2018 Regionals)

Using MCIS to Support ACES (handout from Fall 2018 Regionals)