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Differing Types of Workplace Credentials

This 10-minute video from breaks down the differences among credentials, certification, certificates, and licenses. There is also a handout from that breaks down credentials, certification, certificates, and licenses, including how they are awarded, what they indicate, and several examples. Read More

To the girl in English class

Similar to the Karen Leung video in this section of the library, this TikTok video by Hafsat Abdullahi is another unfortunate but great example of an English language learner speaking about their own experience learning English and facing discrimination. This resource provides several ideas for activities you can use with the English learners you work with. Read More

Bill of Rights Institute

The goal of the Bill of Rights Institute is to provide a better understanding of the Constitution and Bill of Rights through 4000 resources that are free and generally leveled for the middle/high school classroom. Educators can access primary source-based lessons and and current event articles that are frequently updated. There is also an extensive collection of videos and podcasts to introduce and engage students on a variety relevant topics. Moreover, teachers can pull individual lessons from ready-made curricula that are generally based on America's founding principles. For professional development, the site provides eLearning for teachers to support their planning and delivery on topics related to U.S. Government. Read More

National Geographic Society

National Geographic's education resources offer numerous, free, leveled materials on a variety of topics related to geography, the environment, and human migration. The searchable content includes articles, interactives, infographics, maps, and videos. Teachers can customize, print and/or share black line maps and there is also a feature where students can create and view interactive maps. In addition, educators from all over the world can can connect and share with each other through National Geographic's free online courses for educators. Read More

Understanding Heteronormativity in Language Teaching Materials

In this 20-minute video, Ashley Moore, author of the peer reviewed journal article "Understanding heteronormativity in ELT textbooks: A practical taxonomy", answers the questions: But what is "heteronormativity"? How does it manifest in language teaching materials? How can we, as language educators, combat heteronormativity effectively? Read More

Education Liberates

Hear directly from scholar giants in the field of education bell hooks and Bettina Love as they discuss racism in education, Abolitionist Teaching, and what educators can do to strive for justice in their classrooms. Like many other sources, they discuss k-12 schools, but there's still so much to prompt us to reflect on our own adult education teaching. Read More

We Want to Do More Than Survive

In this phenomenal panel discussion, Bettina Love, Genevieve DeBose Akinnagbe, and Yolanda Sealey-Ruiz discuss Dr. Love's book We Want to Do More Than Survive, which addresses the racism in education. Dr. Love suggests Abolitionist Teaching as a way of life that all educators need to commit to. Check out this fascinating talk to reflect more on how racism shows up in our own classes and what we can do about it. Read More

Embracing Multilingualism and Eradicating Linguistic Bias

As adult English educators, it is important for us to understand the language and accent discrimination learners face, and also to advocate in our communities to end this discrimination. In this TEDx Talk, Karen Leung discusses this very fact and gives anecdotes of the discrimination she and her family have faced while learning English after moving to the US. Read More

Culturally Responsive Teaching 101

In this video, Zaretta Hammond gives an introduction to her book Culturally Responsive Teaching and the Brain. She discusses the importance of centering our classrooms around learners' cultural and linguistic identities and experiences. Though she is talking about k-12 schools, there are many valuable parallels to adult education. Read More

Culturally Responsive Practices and Participatory Instruction in ABE

Minnesota Adult Education community members Yixiu Chen and Erin Cary present this two-part series. Part 1 delves into what culturally responsive teaching is, while Part 2 describes Erin's Participatory Curriculum Unit Design Tool. You will learn about many tangible tools to try in your classrooms. Read More