5 Sites for Numeracy Discussion

5 Sites for Numeracy Discussion

Looking for a way to add Numeracy building activities to your class routine? Here are 5 free sites that can be used online or in person to build critical thinking. Consider using these as a 5-minute opening activity.

Estimation 180


Use over 200 picture prompts of everyday items to foster estimation.  Each item contains a picture prompt with video and/or image reveal of the exact value. Try displaying one picture prompt a day and asking each student to offer an estimate. Encourage students to explain their thinking by asking How did you choose that estimate? Reveal the answer and ask students to compare it to their estimate. Did they overestimate, underestimate, by how much.

Same or Different


Use picture or video prompts to compare and contrast items in a variety of numeracy concepts. These prompts challenge students and teachers alike because there are many possible answers. Consider having students create their own prompt. The site continues to accept and post additional images.

From SolveMe Mobiles

SolveMe Mobiles


Use over 100 picture prompts to write and solve equations. Responses generating an imbalanced equation result in the model tipping to one side.  Ask students to justify their answer by writing an equation to show their thinking. Have students challenge each other by building their own model.



Use over 50 downloadable powerpoint images to encourage computational thinking. Write equations to determine how many items are hidden under the splats. Encourage students to share their thinking as there are multiple ways to solve each puzzle.

Which One Doesn’t Belong? (WODB)


Use a thought-provoking picture prompt to determine reasons why each item doesn’t belong with the others. Encourage students to share their reasoning. Answers are not provided so you may find there are times when  students teach the teacher.

Penny Brown, ABE Teacher SouthWest Metro ABE