Adult Literacy Hotline Lesson Plan for Intermediate ESL Students

The Adult Literacy Hotline helps students, ABE staff and social service providers all over the state find free ABE or ESL classes. In this lesson, learners navigate the Minnesota Literacy Council’s Hotline website to find free classes in their area.

After completing the lesson learners will be able to:

  • identify school information such as name, contact information and class times;
  • read for key information;
  • scan a website for key words or links; and
  • find a website by typing an address in a URL box and find classes using drop-down menus.

This lesson plan is intended for ESL learners at the Intermediate level or above.

You can find the Hotline lesson plan and other resources here >>

Mela Shah, Volunteer Program Asst. & Hotline Referral Specialist Minnesota Literacy Council