CCRS Teacher Workouts – Feel the Burn!

CCRS Teacher Workouts – Feel the Burn!

Do you ever wish you could have large blocks of time to learn all you need to know about CCRS content and how to effectively embed the shifts, standards, and practices into your instruction? We can’t give you more time, but we can provide support activities to stretch and strengthen your CCRS muscles during the limited time you do have!

New CCRS Teacher Workouts are focused, fast, and designed to help teachers move forward with CCRS implementation. Use them in a staff meeting, with a colleague, or independently. Workouts will be available for both ELA and Math instruction.

Where did the idea for these Workouts come from? Many ABE programs use existing meetings or PLCs to support staff with CCRS implementation. Consequently, managers and teachers frequently request training materials that fit into a tight time slot. In addition, the uncertainty that comes with having to implement so many standards can be a challenge. Focusing on high-value next steps is key, and these new Teacher Workouts are geared to help deepen understanding of important CCRS content.

Each workout takes between 20 and 45 minutes and focuses on a key CCRS shift, standard, or practice. Workouts include goals, a warm-up, practice, and a wrap-up. Doing the workouts is an opportunity to review, explore, and apply an idea or resource.

Please check out the ELA WorkoutPlaying with Text Dependent Questions” here. In this workout, using a process outlined in a handout, participants strengthen an existing set of questions to more strongly align to one or more CCR Standards and create questions that inspire readers to engage with text and fellow students.

Also check out the Math WorkoutSupplying the Answer” here. Participants in this workout consider how “devaluing the answer” leads to rich mathematical conversations and deeper learning for students as well as gain comfort with Mathematical Practice 3: Construct viable arguments and critique the reasoning of others.

All workouts will be posted in the CCR Standards library on the ATLAS website as they are developed. We have many ideas in the works! Watch for new ones this winter and spring that will keep you in good CCRS shape.

And as part of the CCRS Lead Team’s goal of providing ongoing support for CCRS implementation, check out the recording of the webinar “Making Thinking Visible: Clearing a Path to the Standardshere. This was a great webinar provided on October 31, 2019. So many good ideas were shared by presenters and participants!

Burgen Young, Instructional Manager Minnesota Literacy Council
Lindsey Cermak, Numeracy Coordinator ATLAS
Kristine Kelly, Literacy & ELA Coordinator ATLAS