Defining and Understanding Equity in Minnesota ABE

Defining and Understanding Equity in Minnesota ABE

At the 2017 Summer Institute there was an increased focus on equity, particularly racial equity. On Friday morning during breakfast, Allie Bezat Riley and Jodi Versaw invited everyone to consider the definition of equity and think about how equity can and should show up in ABE programs, at any level from the entire statewide ABE system to each individual classroom.

If you weren’t at breakfast on Friday (or if you’d like a refresher), please see this screencast version of that brief presentation about equity. [NOTE: In order to play the presentation and hear the presenters, DOWNLOAD the presentation first.]

Join the conversation!

Please join the conversation around equity in ABE! An online forum has been set up through the website Today’s Meet to gather ideas and thoughts from across the state in answer to this question:

How can/should equity show up in ABE programs?

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You’ll need to enter a name for yourself (your choice whether to use your real name or not), click “Join” and then add your comment. Add as many ideas as you have, and encourage your colleagues to do the same!

If you prefer to submit comments or ideas via email, feel free to do that as well: email Jodi at [email protected].

How will comments be used?

Your comments will be read, reviewed and considered by the Equity subcommittee of the statewide ABE PD Committee at our October meeting. Your ideas and thoughts will be used to consider how we address equity in the future in ABE professional development events, and in our field as a whole.

Thank you for sharing your ideas!

Jodi Versaw, Program Quality Specialist Minnesota Department of Education