Distance Learning Platforms Transition

Many programs are asking about the transition from Skills Tutor to Edmentum and Burlington English as state-supported distance learning platforms. While Skills Tutor will be available until December 31, we encourage everyone to begin transitioning their students to the new platforms early in the new school year.

Here is implementation information about each platform:

Edmentum is the primary replacement to serve students now served through Skills Tutor. Available content will include access to their entire Post-Secondary Courses Library (the complete listing of classes can be found here.) We are purchasing 105 concurrent seat licenses. This means ABE programs can enroll as many learners as they wish to, but no more than 105 can be actively online at the same time (based on Skills Tutor experience we think this will be adequate to meet demand). Edmentum will provide orientation training at Summer Institute. Teachers will be able to attend an Edmentum orientation session either Wednesday or Thursday during the conference. There will also be a series of introductory and follow-up online trainings during the year.

Burlington English is designed primarily for English language learners. Access to all content on the platform will be provided. We are purchasing 520 licenses, each of which may be assigned to only one student at a time (once a student exits, that license can be re-assigned to another student). We are developing a brief application process (via Google Forms) to facilitate equitable access to seats – each consortium manager will receive information on this process in the near future. Burlington English will provide training at Summer Institute. Teachers will be able to attend a BE orientation session any day during the conference. There will also be follow-up trainings during the year as needed.

In addition to training on the specific new platforms, support for this transition will be provided in the following ways:

  • Members of the Distance Learning Supplemental Services team will present a session at Summer Institute on how to best transition your program from Skills Tutor to the new platforms.
  • The DL supplemental services team will host a series of webchats throughout the coming year to check in with programs about the transition and to offer advice and answer questions.
  • An email hotline is being established so that questions from the field can be answered quickly.

If you have specific questions about content or other issues related to the new platforms, please contact Tom Cytron-Hysom at [email protected].

Tom Cytron-Hysom, Consultant MN ABE Distance Learning