EdTech Integration Strategy Toolkit: Routines to Level Up your Classroom

EdTech Integration Strategy Toolkit: Routines to Level Up your Classroom

Over the last two years, we’ve seen more than our share of Top 10 lists and highlight reels with the newest tech to try in the classroom. The constant information overload leaves me wondering: out of all these tools, what is actually useful? What is effective for the classroom, versus just marketing?

edTech Integration Strategy Toolkit

When I first saw the edTech Integration Strategy Toolkit, I admit I almost scrolled past. I am so glad I didn’t. This Toolkit goes beyond simply naming available resources, and offers low-barrier strategies to start using the tech right away.

What makes this Toolkit stand out? Routines. The EdTech tools are sorted into categories of repeatable routines that show you how to integrate the tool into class, rather than just what the tool is.

Thoughtful tech routines uplevel online learning. More than just converting the analog classroom to digital, these routines use tech to the fullest potential to achieve new targets and engage students.

For example, the app recommends a Gallery Walk reflection routine using Google Slides. Students practice digital literacy skills alongside the traditional academic skill of peer review by offering feedback via Slides comments. Because this routine relies on out-of-class time for students to complete the work, the precious class time minutes can be used to discuss student observations and feedback on a deeper level.

While I have found the app’s Routine sorting feature to be the most useful, it also sorts by EdTech tool and digital skill.

This edTech Toolkit is in beta testing mode, allowing for teachers to submit suggestions for new tools, routines, or bug fixes in real-time. You can be part of the development process.

Check out the edTech Integration Strategy Toolkit for yourself. For more about it, read the edTech Center’s article here.

Kelly O'Brien, EdTech and DL Supervisor Minneapolis Adult Education