ESL Resource Library to the Rescue!

ESL Resource Library to the Rescue!

Adult English language teachers can spend hours of their valuable planning time sorting through online resources, looking for ones that are appropriate and helpful for their particular adult learners. What teacher has time for that?! The ATLAS ESL resource library is ready to come to the rescue!

The ESL resource library serves as an online resource hub for adult English language teachers, featuring a wide variety of free curated resources. Teachers can tap into the library when they are looking for: classroom activities and resources; websites for independent learner practice; and professional development articles, videos, and websites to help teachers develop their instructional practices. The library contains something for teachers of all levels of adult English learners.

Within the library, teachers can explore resources on:

  • Teaching Language (subtopics include listening, pronunciation, reading, etc.)
  • Classroom Management (subtopics include CCRS in the ESL classroom, multilevel instruction, project-based learning, etc.)
  • Assessment (subtopics include goal-setting, providing corrective feedback, and checking for learning)
  • Academic Language (subtopics include academic vocabulary, assessing complex texts, and critical thinking)
  • Learner Resources (these are websites/resources that learners can access themselves to work on their own skills)
  • Special Topics in ESL (subtopics include citizenship, digital literacy, low-literacy adult ESL, etc.)


Best of all, if you or your colleagues have a free online resource that you would like to recommend for this library, you can complete a brief form and submit to ATLAS for review. Your favorite resource could become a part of the library, and help adult English language teachers from all across Minnesota. Find the form at the ESL resource library ( or click the Submission Form here and submit your resource today!

Andrea Echelberger, Literacy Instructor Adult Academic Program, Robbinsdale