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  • Examining Trends in Students’ Math Knowledge and Skills Gaps with GED Testing Service (GEDTS)
Examining Trends in Students’ Math Knowledge and Skills Gaps with GED Testing Service (GEDTS)

Examining Trends in Students’ Math Knowledge and Skills Gaps with GED Testing Service (GEDTS)

Tuesdays for Teachers is a free professional development webinar series designed for educators. This bi-monthly webinar series will take a deeper dive into classroom strategies and techniques for the GED test.

The next webinar in the series will be:

Trends in Students’ Knowledge and Skills Gaps – Mathematical Reasoning, Part One

Date/Time: Tuesday, October 26, 2021, 2:30-4:00 PM CDT


Webinar Description:

Did you know that since January 2019, approximately 78,000 students have passed 3 of the 4 GED content area tests? Approximately 80% of those students have either not passed or not taken the GED Math test.  What motivates us to find ways to reach these students is that:

  • 70% of those who have taken the GED Math test scored in the 140-144 range,
  • 36% scored 145+ on the GED Ready Math test, and
  • 57% scored in the 135-144 range on the GED Ready Math test.

In other words, there are a lot of students who are close to earning a high school credential, if only they could master the skills needed for the GED Math test. This Tuesdays for Teachers session will be the first of two parts that will focus on mathematical reasoning. The session will provide a content-based approach to introduce trends in students’ knowledge and skills gaps, suggest additional instructional strategies, and provide some new ideas for the classroom. This session will highlight:

  • How items and tests are developed
  • How skill/knowledge gaps are identified
  • Specific skills and GED indicators where students and test takers have the most challenges
  • Possible reasons why students and test takers are having difficulty

Future Sessions

Future Tuesdays for Teachers sessions will focus on helping students with the other GED subject tests. Some upcoming session topics will include:

  • Trends in Students’ Knowledge and Skill Gaps – Mathematical Reasoning, Part Two
  • Trends in Students’ Knowledge and Skill Gaps – Reasoning Through Language Arts, Parts One and Two
  • Trends in Students’ Knowledge and Skill Gaps – Social Studies and Science
  • Additional “Hot Topic Sessions” based on Educator and Administrator interest and GEDTS observations of student and educator trends

Past Session Recordings

Recordings of previous Tuesdays for Teachers sessions can be found at: https://ged.com/educators_admins/teaching/professional_development/webinars/

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Registration for each Tuesdays for Teachers webinar opens approximately two weeks before the webinar date. To be notified when registration opens, please sign up for the GEDTS In Session educator newsletter.: https://ged.com/in-session/. Scroll down to the very bottom of the page and click on the “sign up to get the latest news and resources” button. You will need to enter your email address and click on the “sign up” button.

Mellissa Hultstrand, State Relationships & Special Populations Coordinator GED Testing Service