Global Math Department

Imagine a community of smart, skilled instructors who teach math at all levels and openly share their materials and ideas. Sound like a dream? Well, fortunately for you, it’s a reality!

If I could only recommend one numeracy resource to you out of all the possibilities out there, I would not hesitate to choose Global Math Department. Global Math Department is free. Once you sign up at the Global Math Department website (on the homepage, scroll down just a little to the “Subscribe to our newsletter” link), two great things will happen.

  1. You will regularly receive an email with links to math sites – some will be great activities, many will be great teachers writing about math instruction. Each newsletter include links both to activities I find immediately useful and bigger ideas I want to know more about.
  2. Each Tuesday, you’ll have the opportunity to join in on a webinar or watch the webinar later. The webinars are run by teachers, for teachers on a wonderful array of topics.

The webinars in upcoming weeks will include using Google Apps in your math classroom and social emotional learning in mathematics. Past webinars have included mathematical modeling, formative assessment, math talks, conceptual understanding in K-2 math concepts, and much more.

The teachers participating in Global Math Department are diverse, and although you will be among many K-12 teachers, I guarantee you will fit right in.

As I said, if I could only recommend one resource to you this year, Global Math Department would be my pick. That said, happily, we face no such limit! ATLAS offers a Numeracy resource library where you will find Global Math Department among many, many other great resources for teaching math (and we’re still adding more!). Whether you are looking for an instructional idea for tomorrow’s lesson, a resource to help you better understand certain math content, or information about the math content standards, you will find a wealth of helpful resources that are worth a look.

Abby Roza, Hennepin Cty. Corrections Instructor / ATLAS Numeracy Resources Curator ATLAS