Hosting a Summer Institute Poster Session: What’s in It for Me?

Hosting a Summer Institute Poster Session: What’s in It for Me?

We are still looking for people to host poster sessions at this year’s ABE Summer Institute.

The Poster Session will be held on Thursday, August 16 from 1:15-2:00 pm. Check the Literacy Action Network website for helpful information on putting together a great session.

So why should you do a poster session? Don’t just take my word for it! Here is what some alumni have said:

“Poster sessions are a great way to receive feedback on a ‘work in progress’.”
– Penny Brown, SouthWest Metro ABE

“It’s a great way to highlight something specific you’re working on in class, no matter how small. And it’s a great networking and professional share-out opportunity. Many people stop by to ask questions—often ones doing similar work in their own setting, and these conversations generate more ideas to take back to your classroom/school setting.”
– Mya Shaftel, Open Door Learning Center – Lake Street

“It is a good opportunity to showcase one of your ideas to a very appreciative audience. I always get more ideas than I give.” 
– Rosie Sharkey, Dakota Prairie ABE

“I’ve enjoyed doing poster sessions because it’s a casual way to share ideas with my colleagues. It’s a great way to share without the jitters of making a presentation to a large group. It’s also great because you can have more individualized conversations with colleagues about what you’re doing in your classroom. Doing poster sessions is THE BEST.” 
– Meghan Boyle, Open Door Learning Center – Lake Street

“I think doing a poster session is a fabulous way to share a lesson, unit, or other information with ABE colleagues in an informal, conversational venue. The first year I attended Summer Institute I didn’t go to the poster session and realized afterward how much great information I had missed out on. Every year since then, I have made sure to attend and have gotten some great information from my peers.” 
– Laura Moyer, Metro North

UDL Curriculum for Pre-Beginning ESLNeed some inspiration? Here are some of the exciting posters we already have lined up for this year:

  • Academic Vocabulary Mingle
  • Towards a Trauma-Informed Pedagogy
  • Teaching the Writing Process: from brainstorming to uploading a final product for publication
  • Journeys: An Anthology of Student Writing
  • Let Google Drive help drive your instruction!
  • Making Books and Materials in Google Slides
  • Digital Duos
  • From ABE to College-Ready: Student, Teacher, and Navigator
  • Introducing Google Drive and Google Apps
  • Crystal Clear Communicators Toastmasters Club
  • Word Level Analogy Exercises
  • The Adult Literacy Hotline – Connecting Adult Learners and ABE Programs
  • Navigation Start Up How-Tos
  • Professional Engagement Committee of LAN

Need more incentive? All poster session presenters will receive 3 CEUs.

Need even MORE incentive? All poster session presenters will be entered into a drawing to win two $25 Amazon gift cards.

Fill out a Poster Session Proposal today!

Questions? Email Rob Podlasek at [email protected]

Rob Podlasek, Training Director Minnesota Literacy Council / Summer Institute Planning Committee