IDEAL 103: Building an EdTech Strategy

IDEAL 103: Building an EdTech Strategy

Distance and blended online learning platforms represent both the heights of potential and frustration in Adult Basic Education. While platforms such as Khan Academy or LinkedIn Learning host vast repositories of educational content, it can be a challenge incorporating them into the classroom. If you’ve struggled to digest and master a platform’s content, or how to meaningfully include such tools in the classroom, then this course is for you!

Join the Minnesota EdTech team in IDEAL 103: Building an EdTech Strategy. This online course aims to provide you with the time and tools necessary to assess your own classroom and develop instructional routines. Our goal is to better assist practitioners in deploying online educational tools, whether to help in-person classes or to provide extra flexibility for learners with busy schedules.

Over the course of 10-12 weeks, our cohort will go through four sections:

  1. Assessing the learning environment
  2. Exploring, matching, and molding evidence-based strategies to suit your student population
  3. Examining EdTech tools to evaluate online educational content or technologies
  4. Designing at least two EdTech routines for use with learners!

If this course interests you, please fill out an application in the Google form linked below.

Application deadline: FRI. 1/20/23

Course start date: MON. 1/30/23


Questions? Please contact:

Susan Wetenkamp-Brandt (she/her)
Senior Manager – Educational Technology & Digital Literacy
Literacy Minnesota | 700 Raymond Avenue, Suite 180  |  Saint Paul, MN 55114
Direct: 651-251-9090 | Email: [email protected]

Nicholas Houlson (he/his)
Digital Navigator
Open Door Learning Center |  St. Paul, MN, 55114
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Nicholas Houlson, Digital Navigator Literacy Minnesota
Susan Wetenkamp-Brandt, Senior Manager – Educational Technology & Digital Literacy Literacy Minnesota