Integrate Content Standards with Unit/Lesson Planning Templates

Integrate Content Standards with Unit/Lesson Planning Templates

Wondering how to weave together transitions skills, basic skills, and digital literacy into instruction? Looking for a way to better organize your thoughts and plans for your students? We now have Lesson Planning Templates available for math and ELA. Both have been introduced to the new CCRS Implementation Cohort and to programs who deliver the Standard Adult Diploma. While these templates are not mandatory to use, they can help you to develop standards-aligned lessons and units. This a great tool for managing all the moving parts our lessons today entail!

Both templates can help instructors integrate content standards and the ELA and math shifts. The standards include the CCRS, ACES/TIF skills, and Northstar Digital Literacy standards, and each set of standards is linked to the templates and just a click away!

The templates are posted in the Math and ELA sections of the CCR Standards resource library, which is found on the ATLAS website under Resources.

Math Template Highlights

The math template includes slots to:

  • record and plan for instruction around the 8 math practices
  • indicate which of the six levels of knowing a math idea the lesson/unit addresses
  • articulate what key math terms are included in the lesson/unit

ELA Template Highlights

The ELA template includes slots to:

  • articulate a line of inquiry for the lesson/unit
  • record additional content areas included such as social studies, science, career pathway content, etc.
  • record information about quantitative and qualitative analyses of text included in the lesson/unit

These templates are learning tools, and there is no expectation that they be completed for every lesson or unit you are planning to teach. However, here is a suggestion: try to complete a template for a multi-day lesson or larger unit for practice. Another potential benefit of these templates is easier sharing of instruction between staff members and programs.

Individualized Instruction Planning Tool

For those teaching in drop-in settings or providing 1:1 instruction, another planning tool is available to try out: the Individualized Instruction Planning Tool (also available at each of the above links). This provides a place to record what resources the learner is using, targeted standards and CCRS shifts, and assessments. Please try it out!

As we move forward with standards-aligned ABE instruction, the CCRS Lead Team hopes to continue providing tools that are helpful and usable, and we welcome feedback. Contact Kristine Kelly at [email protected] with questions and comments.

Originally published 10/17/16
Kristine Kelly, Literacy & ELA Coordinator ATLAS