Integrated Education and Training PD Highlights and Opportunities

Integrated Education and Training PD Highlights and Opportunities

Integrated Education and Training (IET) is front and center for you to join in on national, state, and regional professional development opportunities.  IET programming help adults who lack basic skills, relevant occupational skills, and essential workplace skills to gain the competencies and credentials needed for in-demand careers.  Here is a brief update on highlights from IET PD over the past year and future PD opportunities in Minnesota and beyond.

National IET Professional Development

IET Design Toolkit

From IET Design Toolkit – LINCS

The Office of Career, Technical, and Adult Education (OCTAE) supported the development of the IET Design Toolkit which was released last fall.  A team made up of ABE instructors and administrators from across Minnesota participated in the IET Design Camp during the initial IET Design Toolkit release. The IET Design Camp experience supported development and delivery of IET webinars and training for MN ABE practitioners.

There are planned updates from the IET Design Camp folks around a train-the-trainer series over the summer. Keep an eye out in Mighty Networks – Adult Career Pathways (ACP) group for updates.

(Not yet a Mighty Networks member?  Join now and then request to join the ACP group!)

Coalition on Adult Basic Education (COABE)

At the recent national conference, COABE 2022 there were a number of in-person and virtual conference sessions focused on IETs.

The Literacy Information and Communication System (LINCS)

LINCS is a national leadership initiative of the U.S. Department of Education, Office of Career, Technical, and Adult Education (OCTAE) to expand evidence-based practice in the field of adult education. The LINCS Learning Portal has three updated Adult Career Pathways Trainings that were released in April 2022.  The courses are self-paced, may take from 2 to 3 hours to complete each training, and include:

  • ACP: Building Strategic Partnerships: Engaging Employers – developed by Barbara L. Endel, Ph.D.
  • ACP: Building A Bridge to Adult Career Pathways – developed by Debra Jones, Ed.D.
  • ACP: Instructional Considerations for Adult Career Pathways – developed by Heather Turngren

The courses are free and offer certificates of completion.

  • Go to the LINC website to join the LINCS Community of Practice, join the self-paced Online Courses, and search the Resources library >>

State IET Professional Development

IET Institute

ATLAS sponsored an IET Institute in April 2022.  At the IET Institute, participants learned the key components of IETs, strategies to integrate the three components, and had regional planning time.

In the session on Unpacking the IET Design Toolkit, participants shared strategies for each phase of IET Design.

IET Webinar Series

The April 2022 Spring Regional Event hosted by ATLAS included a great session focused on working with employers in IETs. The session was a panel presentation with Karen Gerdin of Hubbs Center, and Ron Fleischmann of Mankato ABE highlighting the employer engagement strategies that have worked for their successful IETs and ACPs.

In February 2022, ATLAS sponsored a webinar focused on the IET Design Toolkit. In the panel presentation, Brad Hasskamp and Julie Dincau from MN Dept. of Education discussed the basic components of IET and the IET approval process in Minnesota. They were joined by Dawne Buttera from Workforce Development, Inc. and Lynn Thompson of International Institute of MN, who shared their successful IET work.

At the 2022 Language and Literacy Institute, Patsy Egan and Kristine Kelly of ATLAS presented a dynamic session on a key component of IETs, the shared set of learning objectives, or SSLOs.

NEW! IET Academy – Fall 2022

From IET Design Toolkit, page 59 – LINCS

This professional development cohort from ATLAS is for IELCE grantees and other programs who are actively pursuing IET work.  This PD will help you begin an IET in your program, or strengthen and expand current IET programming.

Cohort Eligibility Requirements and Application Process: Programs apply in teams (one application per team) using the IET Academy application form found on the ATLAS website under Cohorts at the bottom of the page.

Regional IET Professional Development

ATLAS hosted the SE MN IET Retreat in March 2022.  Managers, Regional Transitions Coordinators (RTCs), and IET teachers/instructors from around SE Minnesota participated in a 2-day workshop to refine their IETs in health care.

The managers from the SE MN IET Retreat presented their regional model of Integrated Education and Training at the IET Institute.

Other IET and ACP Resources

Integrated Education and Training in an integral part of Adult Career Pathways and helps to make the programming stronger.  IET PD opportunities are just a few key strokes away.

Originally published 6/21/22

Heather Turngren, Adult Career Pathways (ACP) Coordinator ATLAS