Introducing “Skills”: Lower Level, CCRS-Aligned Edmentum Custom Courses

Introducing “Skills”: Lower Level, CCRS-Aligned Edmentum Custom Courses

When you open up the course catalog for Edmentum, there are courses upon courses upon courses. It takes time to go through and find lessons and content for learners. The Minnesota Literacy Council contracted to provide some help. Last year, 13 custom courses were developed for adult diploma competencies (CCRS Levels D-E). This year, eight custom courses were developed for lower levels (CCRS Level A-B-C).

The new custom courses are:

  • Skills – Mechanics Level A/B
  • Skills – Grammar A
  • Skills – Grammar B
  • Skills – Reading Strategies B
  • Skills – Reading Strategies C
  • Skills – Vocabulary and Reading Practice B
  • Skills – Whole Numbers
  • Skills – Fractions and Decimals

To find the custom courses in Edmentum, first select the “Custom Courses” sort option at the top of the list. The new, lower level courses all start with the word “Skills.” The adult diploma courses all start with “ADP.” The supporting documentation outlines the units and lessons in each course and the CCR standard and level associated with it.

Also, to help make sense of all the titles, a spreadsheet was created that lists all of the Edmentum titles that fall under the “Plato Courses” category. Along with the course names, the academic area and CCRS level are listed. The courses have also been identified as those requiring Flash.

Supporting documentation for the Skills custom courses and the spreadsheet are available at the MNABE Distance Learning website in the Edmentum section.

Paula Freiermuth, ABE Teacher Osseo Adult Basic Education