Introducing the New CCRS in Action PLC Facilitation Guide

Introducing the New CCRS in Action PLC Facilitation Guide

Are you or your colleagues struggling to know what is next on your CCRS implementation journey after CCRS Foundations?  Do you have teachers in your program who would benefit from participating in the CCRS Implementation Cohort, but don’t have the time or a schedule that allows for full participation?  Has your program already participated in the CCRS Cohort, but you now have new staff you want to get up to speed?  If you answered YES to any of these, the new CCRS in Action PLC might be a good fit for your program!

Last year, as I participated in the CCRS Implementation Cohort as part of my work as the St. Paul Community Literacy Consortium’s Instructional Support Consultant, I was trying to think of what my next steps would be in taking the learning of the Cohort back to our consortium’s teachers.  Much of the ABE programming in St. Paul takes place in small community-based organizations (CBOs) that don’t have the program size and/or resources to send a full team to the Cohort.  At the same time, I knew that the teachers would benefit from this opportunity, as many reported to me that their CCRS understanding was minimal, even after completing CCRS Foundations.

As a result, I developed the CCRS in Action Professional Learning Community (PLC), a study group meant to take participants through the most essential pieces of the CCRS Implementation Cohort, but in a more manageable way! After piloting the PLC in St. Paul, I made some revisions in order for it to be usable by programs across Minnesota.

CCRS in Action PLC

The PLC materials include a facilitation guide, accompanying materials (ELA and Math!), a Google Slides presentation to guide each meeting, and the same tools for instructors to practice analyzing lessons, units, instructional tasks, and resources that are used in CCRS Cohort.  Everything is customizable to fit the needs of your program. You can use what you need and adapt for your context.

This PLC is designed for eight 90-minute meetings, with a short assignment between each meeting, but be it can be adjusted to fit your needs. All of the meetings include interactive elements, and these can be re-imagined for a digital space – for example Zoom, using Breakout Rooms.  Find all PLC materials for free on the ATLAS website (

Note: The CCRS in Action PLC is not a replacement for the requirement of Adult Diploma Programs who need to complete the CCRS Implementation Cohort for Adult Diploma.


Questions about facilitating a CCRS PLC with these materials?  Contact Anne Soerens at [email protected].

Questions about CCRS implementation in general, including the 2020-2021 cohort?  Contact Kristine Kelly at [email protected]

CCRS Implementation Cohort application now available!

Would your program like to participate in a full CCRS Implementation Cohort? The 2020-2021 CCRS Cohort applications are due June 1, 2020. Information is available at

Anne Soerens, Instructional Support Consultant / ATLAS Consultant St. Paul Community Literacy Consortium